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Customer Support vs. Customer Service

  1. 1. how many pounds of tea are in a Tiesta bulk bag?
  2. 7. The 8th month of the year
  3. 8. Focuses on assisting only certain customers who might need further assistance that is out of the ordinary, like when they have a question.
  4. 9. A tea making device that you can put into the microwave and dishwasher.
  5. 10. difficulties, misfortune
  6. 11. our newest bubble tea flavor
  1. 2. Confused or disconcerted
  2. 3. a fruit used in many Tiesta teas
  3. 4. the name of the person who is going to come talk to us about tea mixing on Thursday.
  4. 5. a satisfied customer is a _____ customer.
  5. 6. To make sure every single customer has a pleasant experience when interacting with the business.