Cyber Security Awareness Month

  1. 6. Results in the loss of contact details if it were stolen
  2. 9. What does cybersecurity have in common with Halloween?
  3. 11. _____ is best known for Halloween and happens to be National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
  4. 13. What you will cause IT to have if you get a virus on your computer
  5. 14. Here’s a spooky cybersecurity fact, Google blocks 18 million ____ related phishing emails a day!
  6. 15. Hackers ____ their identity.
  7. 17. This type of harmful computer program can be easily installed on your computer while you’re downloading unknown programs or files off the Internet.
  8. 19. A hardware/software device or a software program that limits network traffic according to a set of rules of what access is and is not allowed or authorized.
  9. 20. What to use if you need to connect to wifi while picking up your pumpkin spice latte.
  1. 1. This software is installed on a network of computers without the owner's knowledge. It can monitor activities and pick up information like credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords.
  2. 2. You don't want to be the business with the most _____ network on the block.
  3. 3. These programs protect your computer from Internet viruses or codes that can quickly disable your computer.
  4. 4. How your computer might act once infected by a virus.
  5. 5. Happens on Halloween night
  6. 7. If you click on a phishing email you might want to ____ your job
  7. 8. For hackers, it’s all about the _____ and it’s their treat they succeed
  8. 10. These Internet scam programs often contact unsuspecting people via e-mail, urging them to visit fake websites designed to look like those run by well-known banks or other financial institutions.
  9. 12. A bridge between two computer networks.
  10. 16. In cybersecurity, the evil entity is black hats, people associate Halloween with black ____
  11. 18. The process of translating plaintext into ciphertext.