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Cyberbully Movie

  1. 4. who you should tell at school if cyberbullying is becoming an issue
  2. 5. the one that created the fake profile of James
  3. 7. Taylor's real crush
  4. 9. someone that uses hurtful words on a technology device towards or about another person
  5. 10. figured out that Taylor may be attempting suicide
  6. 13. the guy Taylor saw at therapy sessions that was also being bullied
  7. 15. who stood up to Lindsay and her friends first
  8. 17. the gift Taylor got for her birthday
  9. 18. How Taylor tried to kill herself (2 words)
  10. 19. Lindsay's dad is this occupation
  11. 20. the best way to prove someone wrote you something via text or cell phone
  1. 1. the network this movie aired on. The logo was at the bottom at the movie
  2. 2. the name of the law that prohibits cyberbullying (2 words, no punctuation)
  3. 3. Scott was supposed to go with Taylor to this
  4. 6. the girl at school saying terrible things online about Taylor and making crude videos about her
  5. 8. the name of the social network in the movie
  6. 10. what cyberbullying could lead someone to do
  7. 11. the fake guy Taylor likes
  8. 12. the name of the main character getting cyberbullied
  9. 14. the action you should take online to remove the cyberbully from your account
  10. 16. the person that hacked Taylor's account (one word, not a name)