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  1. 4. The short form of malicious software - Malware
  2. 7. A software that covertly monitors your online behavior
  3. 8. A software or hardware device designed to protect your private data
  4. 9. A tool that helps mask to location of the user to guarantee anonymity
  5. 10. The practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source
  1. 1. HORSE A piece of malware that often allows a hacker to gain remote access to a computer through a back door
  2. 2. A piece of malicious code that can replicate itself in order to spread the infection to other connected computers
  3. 3. A technology that enables us to access our files through the internet remotely
  4. 5. The process of encoding data to prevent theft by ensuring the data can only be accessed with a key
  5. 6. An incident where a hacker gains unauthorized access to a computer or device