1. 7. method go through all the files or network elements with an intention to detect something unusual
  2. 8. activities endanger the sovereignty and integrity of nation
  3. 10. unsoliciated commercial email
  4. 12. Compromising confidential Information
  5. 13. collective terms of malicious software, such as viruses, worms and trojans.
  6. 14. attempt to harm, damage or cause threat to a system or network
  1. 1. harassing aperson or following a person
  2. 2. Periodic assessment of security vulnerability in computer systems is called _______audit.
  3. 3. monitor user activity on someone else and transfer information to someone else
  4. 4. existence of weakness in a system or network
  5. 5. Viruses are
  6. 6. Script files sent mostly through email attachment to attack host computer
  7. 9. Doesnot belong to privacy threat
  8. 11. The person using vulnerability in operating system or application software or IT infrastructure to intrude in to the computer of a victim