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  1. 1. these replicate themselves but do not attach themselves to files as a virus does.
  2. 7. a cyberattack in which multiple devices make a network resource unavailable to its intended users.
  3. 9. software that is designed to gain access to your computer with bad intent.
  4. 11. the term for when human users of a system are tricked into providing confidential information
  5. 12. a large collection of malware-infected devices
  1. 2. hackers who use tools downloaded from the internet that allow them to hack with little technical knowledge.
  2. 3. a key to a website or account.
  3. 4. unwanted software that monitors and gathers information on a person and how they use their computer.
  4. 5. can be a worm, virus, or Trojan. It infects a computer and causes it to download or display malicious adverts or pop-ups when the victim is online.
  5. 6. a piece of software that appears to perform a useful function, but it also performs malicious actions.
  6. 8. self replicating software.
  7. 10. Something that checks incoming and outgoing network traffic.