1. 3. it’s when a hacker changes the IP address of an email so that it seems to come from a trusted source.
  2. 4. A wiper is a type of malware with a single purpose: to erase user data and ensure it can’t be recovered.
  3. 7. While someone is tricked into clicking on one object on a web page when they want to click on another, this practice is known as clickjacking.
  4. 9. A rootkit is software that gives malicious actors remote control of a victim’s computer with full administrative privileges.
  5. 10. A form of malware used by hackers to spy on you and your computer activities.
  1. 1. a wide variety of bad software used to infect and/or damage a system, most often delivered via spam emails.
  2. 2. Worms target vulnerabilities in operating systems to install themselves into networks.
  3. 5. A scam where a hacker poses as a legitimate business or organization (especially credit card companies, banks, charities, Internet providers, other utilities) in order to fool the victim
  4. 6. it kidnaps your computer and holds it for ransom, hence the clever name.
  5. 8. disguises itself as desirable code