1. 2. An unwanted software that monitors and gathers information on a person and how they use their computer, for example monitoring your internet usage to send you harmless but annoying adverts.
  2. 3. A series of letters, numbers or symbols that protect data in your computer.
  3. 5. A type of malware that exploits vulnerabilities in the a computer’s operating system and once in uses the system’s resources.
  4. 7. A person that tries to access your data by getting into your computer, for example by figuring our your passwords.
  5. 10. Locks a computer, encrypts files, and prevents the user from being able to access the data.
  1. 1. A more sinister spyware that records every keystroke made by a user.
  2. 4. It infects a computer and causes it to download or display adverts or pop-ups when the victim is online.
  3. 6. Being able to edit and view personal files like photos or videos.
  4. 8. A self-replicating software, to get into the computer it has to be downloaded as part of another file which is then executed on the computer.
  5. 9. A specific type of computer virus that tricks you into downloading it onto your computer. Once in your computer it might open a ‘back door’ to give an attacker remote access to your computer.