1. 2. Needs to be downloaded as part of another file which is then executed on the computer.
  2. 5. It can be a worm, virus, or Trojan. It infects a computer and causes it to download or display malicious adverts
  3. 8. Much similar to phishing but uses an SMS message
  4. 9. Is software that is designed to gain access to your computer with malicious intent.
  5. 10. Locks a computer, encrypts files, and therefore prevents the user from being able to access the data.
  1. 1. Specific type of computer virus that tricks you into downloading it onto your computer.
  2. 3. Unwanted software that monitors and gathers information on a person and how they use their computer.
  3. 4. Replicate themselves but do not attach themselves to files as a virus does.
  4. 6. Is a cybercrime in which a target/s are contacted by email, text message or telephone by posing as a legitimate institution.
  5. 7. A secret word/phrase used to protect important log-in info on different websites