Cybersecurity Awareness

  1. 2. records keystrokes and sends its info to a hacker
  2. 4. (three words) a term used to describe everyday objects that connect to the internet (such as fridges, thermostats, and smart speakers)
  3. 11. verifying your identity with a username, password, or other piece of information
  4. 13. hackers demand a ransom for the return of information after deploying this
  5. 14. an audio or video clip that has been edited and changed to seem believable
  6. 15. malware disguised as legitimate software
  7. 16. the most common form of cryptocurrency
  1. 1. (two words) manipulating and deceiving people to get sensitive and private info; lying
  2. 3. the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks
  3. 5. emails, text messages, or other communication designed to convince you to give the sender personal information
  4. 6. sends information from your computer to a third party without your knowledge
  5. 7. short for malicious software
  6. 8. use this to protect your information
  7. 9. a way of hiding information
  8. 10. a network security device that filters incoming and outgoing websites
  9. 11. displays unauthorized ads on a user's screen
  10. 12. short for virtual private network