CyberSecurity Crossword

  1. 2. method through which information is converted into secret code through a special algorithm that hides information's true meaning
  2. 3. program or hardware device that filters information coming through an internet connection to a network or computer system.
  3. 5. This attack is carried out by repeatedly trying password combinations till the password match is found.
  4. 8. URLs that lead user to visit an harmful website or to download a virus
  5. 9. This is a worm which came in mid-2010 and was responsible for huge damage to Iran's Nuclear Program.
  6. 11. programs that are used to track or record users keystroke
  7. 13. Centralized Monitoring, analysis, detection/prevention & response to cybersecurity incidents.
  8. 15. The malicious program malware that downloads onto a computer disguised as a legitimate program. Named after an ancient greek story.
  9. 16. I am not a robot
  10. 17. Weaknesses that can be exploited
  11. 19. Packets of data sent from server to browser used to identify the browser
  12. 20. Framework that is a set of guidelines for mitigating organizational cybersecurity risks, published by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology
  13. 21. Malicious software that is installed on the device without the end user's knowledge and is used to monitor activity without the user's permission.
  14. 23. information about a file
  15. 25. The process of transforming the data from unreadable format to the original message.
  16. 27. You are sending one confidential document to your colleague. In transmission, data gets tampered & content was changed. Which part of security was lost here
  17. 28. Used to commit financial crimes. The attack in which a small amount is taken out every day so that attack goes unnoticed. The name of the attack resembles closely to a chicken dish.
  18. 29. Special viruses that replicate from computer to computer in a network without human interaction
  1. 1. Group of malware-infected computers that form a network to attack
  2. 4. The device or application that monitors a network for malicious activities and has the ability to protect from or stop the incidents from taking place.
  3. 6. this is a vital information resource under siege
  4. 7. the system that shows the location of the person or places through satellites.
  5. 10. The authentication method in which requires two or more verification methods to gain access to the system.
  6. 12. This is the world's first virus(Boot-Sector Virus)
  7. 13. This method is used to hide information inside the picture.
  8. 14. network-attached system set up as a decoy to lure cyber attackers and detect, deflect and study hacking attempts to gain unauthorized access.
  9. 18. The attack that is done to bring down the system or to hinder the normal function of the website or other network resources.
  10. 22. process of giving permission to someone of doing something
  11. 24. science of collecting and analyzing information from information and communication technologies as evidence in a legal case.
  12. 26. Process of being friends builds trust and emotional connection with a young person with future intentions of sexual abuse, exploitation or traficking.