cybersecurity crossword

  1. 5. software that that enters a computer system without the users knowledge or consent and makes the comuter go bad
  2. 6. software that prevents you from getting unwanted viruses on your device
  3. 8. software that runs as a program on the local computer
  4. 9. an attacker who controls a botnet
  5. 11. a logical computer network of zombies under the control of an attacker
  6. 13. software made to stop the spread of malware
  7. 14. a malicious program designed to enter a computer via a network to take advantage of a vulnerability in a application or an operating system
  8. 16. a new software made that was better the old one and fixes things that were bad or old in the old software
  9. 17. software that prevents you from getting infected from differents spyware
  10. 18. a set of software tools used by an attacker to hide the actions or presence of other types of malware
  11. 19. software code that gives access to a program or service
  1. 1. a software program that gives advertising content that is unwanted by the user
  2. 2. a microsoft windows function that provides info to users and obtains their approval before a program can make a change to the computers settings
  3. 3. a undate that makes the software better or more efficient
  4. 4. an infected computer that is under the remote control of an attacker
  5. 7. getting information from a device without the owner knowing
  6. 10. a backup of your data saved on a hard
  7. 12. software that keeps data on where you hit the keyboard
  8. 15. data that is compromised and wont be given back unless a fee is paid