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Cybersecurity Vocab

  1. 3. Secret unknown access point into a system
  2. 8. Flaw or potential for harm
  3. 9. Virus that infects a computer before the operating system loads
  4. 11. Following the rules or standards that have been established
  5. 13. Software that is embedded in hardware
  6. 14. Computer code intentially written to cause some form of harm
  7. 15. Using a lie or scam to obtain private information
  8. 16. Physical token inserted into a computer's usb port
  1. 1. Measurement and analysis of a biological feature
  2. 2. Condition of being pricate or secret
  3. 4. Something that takes a vulnerability to a level where it can be exploited
  4. 5. Encrypts data do user connot access it intil a fee is paid to hacker only
  5. 6. Acions of ,alicous code
  6. 7. Proccess by which something becomes harder it is made harder to hack
  7. 10. State of being complete or uncorrupted
  8. 12. Technology that thracks a users' keystokes on the keyboard