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Dairy Farm Puzzle

  1. 2. A farm that produces milk
  2. 4. A cultivated plant that is grown as food
  3. 5. Land plowed and left unseeded for a season or more
  4. 6. A fenced in area of land covered with grasses where animals are kept while outside
  5. 12. A grouping of cows on a dairy farm
  6. 14. Animal dung used for fertilizing land
  7. 16. Doctor for animals
  8. 18. Building on a farm that houses animals, feed and small implements
  9. 19. Fermented, high-moisture forage that is eaten by grazing animals such as dairy cows
  10. 20. A farm implement that harvests and threshes various crops
  11. 22. A storage facility that is designed to store silage
  12. 23. A member of the grass family, is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates
  13. 24. On-farm technology that allows cows to be milked without human interaction
  14. 26. A simple, effective method to kill harmful pathogens through heat treatment
  15. 27. Name of George and Sharon's dairy farm
  16. 28. A powerful machine that pulls a variety of farm implements
  17. 30. Material used to absorb moisture and provide a comfortable cushion where cows can rest
  18. 31. The replacement or supplementation of rainfall with water from another source
  19. 33. A distinct family of ruminant mammals, referring to cattle
  20. 34. An inflammation of a dairy cow’s milk ducts while she is lactating
  21. 35. The high-fat portion of milk that is separated during processing
  22. 36. A young female dairy animal before she has matured
  23. 37. Soil amendment and fertilizer made with biodegraded material, soil, and water
  1. 1. A specialized area on the dairy farm where the milking process is performed
  2. 3. A black and white dairy cow that is the most predominant breed of dairy cattle worldwide
  3. 5. Material that is applied to soils to supply one or more nutrients
  4. 7. A farm implement that breaks up the soil into small pieces
  5. 8. A process resulting in fat globules being reduced in size to allow a smooth consistency
  6. 9. The large "milk bag" that hangs between the cows rear legs
  7. 10. Medication that kills or slows the growth of harmful bacteria
  8. 11. Cow feed that is high in fiber and low in digestible nutrients
  9. 13. An animal whose parents were of different breeds
  10. 15. A piece of machinery that compresses and binds hay
  11. 17. An animal health professional who specializes in the nutritional needs of dairy cows
  12. 20. Creating a genetic “twin” of another animal
  13. 21. A substance created to prevent, destroy or repel pests
  14. 25. The appendage on a cow’s udder through which milk from the udder flows
  15. 29. A female dairy animal that has yet to give birth to a calf
  16. 32. An essential nutrient for building strong bones and teeth that is found in milk
  17. 33. Mature male bovine or dairy animal.