December 2020 Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

  1. 2. An unsecure network where you can connect to the internet such as from a café
  2. 5. a popular tool for hosting video calls
  3. 6. All commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet
  4. 8. The Cybersecurity project that pulled Forest Service out of a material weakness
  5. 9. The top method of cyberattack that most attacks begin with usually via email
  6. 10. Educating management on the potential threats of unsecure systems
  7. 11. The 3 core tenants of cybersecurity include confidentiality, integrity, and…
  1. 1. Who can be a target of a cyberattack?
  2. 3. A site that cybercriminals create to steal your information
  3. 4. Any software, hardware, or systems that cybersecurity is not aware of
  4. 7. The country where most of the fake and fraudulent ecommerce sites are coming from