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Defence technology

  1. 2. a device for producing images in total darkness
  2. 6. the entire armed forces of the country concerned
  3. 8. moorage of ships
  4. 11. a ship suitable for both surface and underwater operations
  5. 15. a device using sound waves for navigation, communication to determine the position of submerged objects
  6. 16. hard protective covering of a military vehicle
  7. 21. prevail in some way over sth. or over sb.
  8. 23. the line where the warfare is conducted, otherwise the center of combat
  9. 26. A person shot as a result of warfare
  10. 27. an activity carried out in order to hide from the enemy
  11. 28. type of defence or protective structure for military use
  12. 31. one of the five types of Armed Forces consisting in the defence of the State
  13. 33. means of warfare
  14. 34. person disobeying orders of war
  15. 39. the State or person who undertakes to cooperate and to provide assistance
  16. 40. is a warship that serves as a seagoing airbase
  17. 42. Transparent closed glass fibre structure used as an information carrier
  18. 44. the place where the exhaust gas escapes
  19. 46. the guns are useless without it
  20. 48. primary military rank
  21. 50. a basic unit connecting all parts of the aircraft
  22. 51. a person with very large, practical IT skills
  23. 52. piece of firearms
  24. 53. when the opponent wins
  1. 1. a bullet whose warhead has a diameter greater than the calibre of the weapon
  2. 3. Basic soldier's items
  3. 4. electromagnetic waves from 3 kHz to 3 THz
  4. 5. an obstacle in the foreground made to hinder approach to the defensive line
  5. 7. A device to zoom, magnify, observe targets used in weapons
  6. 9. air object detection device
  7. 10. damage is any death, injury, or other damage inflicted that is an unintended result of military operations
  8. 12. a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something
  9. 13. ship intended for warfare
  10. 14. Drive in many military vehicles
  11. 17. support in the form of additional soldiers or armaments
  12. 18. the part of the firearm on which you hold your finger
  13. 19. a deliberate or forced type of fight conducted to fend off the enemy's attack
  14. 20. Soldiers commitment to states and nations through ceremony
  15. 22. method of interlacing materials
  16. 24. knife in the end of the rifle
  17. 25. the soldier's head protection equipment
  18. 29. field, defence or siege fortification
  19. 30. the pipe on which the flag is hoisted
  20. 32. type of pedestrianised engineering facility
  21. 35. person serving in the army
  22. 36. Operation to relocate the army by air
  23. 37. aeroplane invisible on radar
  24. 38. tracked armored vehicle designed for short range warfare
  25. 41. reconnaissance soldier
  26. 43. the area where the warfare is conducted
  27. 45. type of vessel that maneuvers other vessels by pushing or pulling them either by direct contact or by means of a tow line
  28. 47. soldier on the helm
  29. 49. a vessel designed for the transport of liquid materials