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Defence technology

  1. 2. Offensive or defensive armed combat items
  2. 3. Deprive someone of freedom of movement
  3. 4. Type of propulsion used in tanks
  4. 6. Device function that allows commands to be transmitted from the control unit
  5. 7. Support for fighting soldiers
  6. 10. A soldier at the head of a type of armed forces
  7. 14. A mechanism that allows you to change the gear ratio, and thus serves to effectively transfer the power generated by the engine to the drive of a work machine or vehicle
  8. 15. Military watercraft, a ship structurally adapted to carry out activities and operations both on the surface and under water
  9. 16. It is technological equipment of robot manipulators intended for manipulating objects
  10. 17. A place for temporary stopping of vessels
  11. 20. Intended for firing from weapons
  12. 21. Help someone in distress
  13. 23. The basic assembly connecting all parts of the aircraft
  14. 25. Ignite the explosive in the bullet, start functioning
  15. 26. Person or object with negative feelings
  16. 28. An action performed by soldiers to hide from the enemy
  17. 31. explosive charge with igniter
  18. 33. Fiberglass structure used for light propagation
  19. 34. Rotating armored part of the armament of a ship, tank, armored car etc. with cannons or machine guns mounted in it
  20. 35. Way of detecting ships by sight
  21. 36. Front of the ship's hull
  22. 38. A long process of directional changes in which the following stages of change can be correctly distinguished
  23. 43. Military operations to prevent, reduce, mitigate and terminate hostilities
  24. 44. The state or person who undertakes to cooperate and provide assistance
  25. 46. State of insensitivity to adverse functions
  26. 47. Soldier who conducts reconnaissance
  27. 48. The general name for electronic devices such as computer
  1. 1. Used to reduce noise emissions
  2. 5. After being shot
  3. 7. Device for detection by means of waves
  4. 8. A place where battles take place
  5. 9. Bridge with moving parts
  6. 11. Towering over someone, over something in some way
  7. 12. A vehicle that requires no crew
  8. 13. A combat vehicle, usually a tracked vehicle, designed to carry mechanized infantry soldiers on the battlefield
  9. 15. Research method involving the perception of objects, phenomena by means of the senses or instruments
  10. 18. Swedish warship
  11. 19. spontaneous, unorganized, usually connected with acts of physical violence, occurrence of a specific social group
  12. 22. A concave landform with an elongated shape, surrounded on two sides by hills
  13. 24. Water vessel for the transport of persons and goods
  14. 27. Electrolytic methods for producing coatings on various materials
  15. 29. short hand-held firearms, designed for short range combat
  16. 30. Giving the opportunity to perform many tasks simultaneously
  17. 32. Area of direct warfare
  18. 37. A vessel in the service of the state and its armed forces, often designed to perform combat tasks
  19. 39. The aircraft is designed to avoid detection through various technologies
  20. 40. The size of the interior of a vessel, tank, etc.
  21. 41. Natural and convex form of relief with a conventional height of 100-300 m
  22. 42. Unit of measure, equal to one nautical mile per hour
  23. 45. Vertical spars positioned mostly in the axis of a sailing vessel