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Del Cenere Gang

  1. 1. This light-bodied type of horse bred within Del Cenere is colloquially known as the _____ horse.
  2. 2. Scarecrow-like in appearance, ________ are used to mark the Gang's boundaries.
  3. 4. Members are awarded a unique title when they are promoted into the _________ rank.
  4. 7. Unique among packs, this trade hub is open to visitors despite being inside the Gang's territory.
  5. 8. The Spanish word for "smoke," this rank is held by the respected elders of the Gang.
  6. 9. This free-roam pasture in El Tramo is known to the locals by this name. (2 wds)
  7. 11. Members are expected to "pay" a _____ in order to help keep the Gang's stores full.
  1. 1. Better watch yourself around this mischievous pNPC if you don't like tricks or pranks!
  2. 3. A new feature within the pack intended to highlight specific skillsets among members.
  3. 5. The name of Del Cenere's coming of age ceremony.
  4. 6. The gardens, as well as the Rey Salvaje himself, can be found here.
  5. 10. One of two accepted demonyms of Del Cenere Gang members.