1. 3. There is 'Brangelina', there is 'Bennifer' and then there is this dual summer blockbuster release set for July 21
  2. 5. star of FOE, sexiest man alive
  3. 7. The ____ Tour (hint: Sara, Zareen and Emily T just bought tickets to this soon to be highest grossing concert tour)
  4. 9. The current number one song on Billboard charts (hint: Twilight)
  5. 10. First name of Jury Duty breakout star
  6. 12. name of the Vanderpump Rules recent scandal
  7. 14. Fran Drescher was recently seen at the Dolce and Gabbana show with this celeb
  8. 16. Gwynneth Paltrow famously lost half a day of this sport during her spring trial
  9. 17. Last word of the first song Rhianna sang at the halftime show 'hint: Btch better have my'
  1. 1. Twitter who?
  2. 2. Lily Rose Depp's character in 'The Idol'
  3. 4. this pop star did it again and just announced her new memoir titled 'the woman in me'
  4. 6. LA cult favorite lunch spot that is currently funded by the LA based movies dept
  5. 8. Adam and Christine's zodiac sign
  6. 11. Cut of meat, dog of movies PR employee AND Doug Funny
  7. 13. Italian city where the gays tried to kill Tanya in White Lotus season two
  8. 15. Move over Jonas Brothers, this hit band from 'The Idea of You' is about to take over