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  1. 3. Over time, toxins and other harmful particles collect in this organ, making it difficult to eliminate what needs to be eliminated
  2. 5. A toxic heavy metal
  3. 6. The livers job is to act as one of these to every compound that enters the human body
  4. 8. A safe and natural process to help flush toxins from the body using foods, beverages, herbs and nutritional support and supplements
  5. 10. Toxic metals accumulate within the fatty tissues of this organ
  6. 11. Unnatural agents such as heavy metals, smoke, exhaust, dirt and airborne pollutants
  1. 1. Used for centuries to cleanse and fortify the liver (2 words)
  2. 2. Another name for Milk Thistle
  3. 4. This pectin offers a safe and effective way to help eliminate low levels of common environmental heavy metals
  4. 7. This antioxidant vitamin has been shown to be effective in supporting the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms
  5. 8. Psyllium, Acidophilus, and Fennel Seed are some of the nutrients that can be used to help cleanse built up waste from which internal tract?
  6. 9. Every bit of food and drink that we consume passes through these (large and small)