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DevOps Alias, man pages, Environment

  1. 3. Program which on BSD has the environment variable CLICOLOR
  2. 7. Environment variable or current directory
  3. 8. Create an alias
  4. 9. A more modern replacement for apt-get
  5. 10. An environment variable to specify the time zone
  6. 11. Environment variable for user's default directory
  7. 12. An apt option to install newer versions of the packages
  8. 14. Environment variable for what colors to use for various file types in ls
  9. 15. An apt option to uninstall a package
  10. 17. In addition to argc and argv, this is passed to main()
  1. 1. In apt-get, this is the dist-upgrade
  2. 2. An apt option to bring package lists up-to-date
  3. 4. Show the current variables and their values
  4. 5. An apt option to install packages
  5. 6. Environment variable used when bash searches for executables
  6. 9. apt has many of the options of apt-get, and a few of another command, ___-____
  7. 12. Delete an alias
  8. 13. A C-function to get the value of an environment variable programmatically
  9. 16. Create an environment variable with a value