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DevOps Container Example II

  1. 2. The command shown for automating the check if the sort program would run on that distribution
  2. 3. Ubuntu tag for the latest release
  3. 6. Ubuntu tag for the latest development release
  4. 8. Command line program we use to run docker
  5. 9. Option to docker command that starts up a container
  6. 10. The non-numeric name for the Ubuntu release where the sort we build would not run
  7. 12. Another name for the Ubuntu 18.04 release
  1. 1. One way to speed up running multiple containers is to run them in _____
  2. 4. Common ____ for a container to start, run, and then stop
  3. 5. Option in docker to share a directory between the host and the guest
  4. 7. By default, any changes to a container filesystem are ____ when the container stops
  5. 11. Linux distribution used as an example