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DevOps Documenting Dockerfiles & Installing via URL

  1. 2. A program to download files given a URL
  2. 4. A build generator that generates build files, e.g., a Makefile
  3. 7. Unix command to compare two text files show the changes from one to another
  4. 8. An apt option that outputs all the installed packages
  5. 11. Unix command to look at the last lines of a file
  6. 12. A Dockerfile instruction to execute a bash command
  7. 13. Commands we put in a Dockerfile execute only once; as we build the ______
  8. 16. The recommended naming scheme for LABEL keys is a ____ URL
  9. 17. One place we can use a Dockerfile LABEL is as a filter for the Docker command docker image __
  1. 1. A required Dockerfile instruction where we define the starting distribution for an image
  2. 3. Unix command to look at the first lines of a file
  3. 4. Commands we enter in the ______ execute as we enter them
  4. 5. Unix command that displays free disk space
  5. 6. An option that lets us search for images with a particular label key and (optionally) value
  6. 9. A docker command to get rid of old images and containers is docker system _____
  7. 10. A Dockerfile instruction to add a documentary key-value pair to the image
  8. 14. A utility for creating and extracting file archives
  9. 15. When the input to tar is from a pipe, the tar command/option to extract files and list the files from a compressed tar file