Different Kinds of Studies

  1. 4. science that is dedicated to the study of genes
  2. 6. science that deals with the cellular behavious of living beings
  3. 11. science that studies the composition, structure and characteristics of the organic tissues of living beings
  4. 12. science that studies insects
  5. 13. study of animals
  6. 14. science tat studies the relationship of different living things with each other and te environment
  1. 1. scince that studies viruses
  2. 2. study of microorganisms
  3. 3. science that studies mental processes, sensations, perceptions and behaviour of human beings
  4. 5. science that studies the classification of organisms
  5. 7. science that studies the human beings
  6. 8. science that studies the organs of living beings and their functioning
  7. 9. science thst deals with srudy of animal behaviour
  8. 10. science that deals with study of plants