1. 5. A voiceless character learning about life in a new place
  2. 6. A character who knows everything going on around them
  3. 9. Character whose life changed up until midnight
  4. 12. A character kept young from a flower
  5. 13. A cheerful character whose tiny and mines
  6. 16. A character whose the child of a ferocious dragon
  7. 17. A character who lost everything from other countries greed
  8. 19. A character whose about to be sent away so they runaway with their bestfriend
  9. 21. Fairy A character who gives a man a real son
  10. 22. A Character trapped inside for most of their life
  11. 26. A character whose powers are out of control when stressed
  12. 27. The stoic member of a family with hidden anxiety and nerves
  13. 28. A character chased away from her home
  1. 1. A character whose expected to live up to being perfect
  2. 2. A character with allergies whose small and mines
  3. 3. A character who disguises themself to benifit their family
  4. 4. A character who strives for the best looks
  5. 7. An exhausted character whose little and mines
  6. 8. A side character who bit off way more then they could do with the job given to them
  7. 10. A character who uncovers a family secret that went to the grave
  8. 11. A Character who deceives others for their own nefarious reasons
  9. 14. A Character that uses potions to change there advisaries appearance
  10. 15. Member of a family who was thought to be unspecial
  11. 18. An Angry character whose short and mines
  12. 20. A character who realized she needed to embrace herself and her powers to show people who she really is.
  13. 23. A character who uses a disguise to marry a prince
  14. 24. A character believed to be able to help stop the destruction of their world
  15. 25. A Character leftout of a party everyone else was invited too