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  1. 3. What's the first monster Hercules fights when he arrives in Thebes?
  2. 6. Which poisonous fruit did Snow White eat?
  3. 8. How many dwarfs does Snow White live with?
  4. 10. In which US state is the 'Princess And The Frog' set?
  5. 12. What is the name of the antagonist from 'The Little Mermaid'?
  6. 15. What was Nemo’s mother’s name?
  7. 16. What’s the name of the daycare that Andy’s toys end up at in Toy Story 3?
  8. 17. What was the first Pixar movie?
  9. 18. What is Tarzan’s adopted mother’s name
  10. 19. Name of wendys dog in peter pan
  1. 1. Who was the first Disney princess?
  2. 2. name of Belle’s father in Beauty and the Beast
  3. 4. What's the name of Walt Disney’s first ever cartoon character?
  4. 5. Mufasa’s trusted advisor in The Lion King
  5. 7. What's the name of Rapunzel's chameleon
  6. 9. The Princess and the Frog is set in which city
  7. 11. Who is the bear in 'The Jungle Book'?
  8. 13. Which Disney Princess has a chameleon as a sidekick?
  9. 14. What is the name of the toy store in 'Toy Story 2'?