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  1. 4. She taught us not to look outside if not inside
  2. 6. She has a magical bag
  3. 7. She loves animals and the nature
  4. 9. She wants to discover the world
  5. 10. She has a sister with powers
  6. 12. She kisses a toad
  7. 16. She has a beutiful voice
  8. 17. She has a long long hair
  9. 18. He is Mickey's he has a lot of fethers
  10. 20. He is the bad of the film he wants to marry Bella
  1. 1. He is a half god
  2. 2. She spesks to animals
  3. 3. She is the bad of the film she wants a good voice
  4. 5. She easn't a Disney princess but now yes.She is an orphan
  5. 8. It is going to be the next lion king
  6. 11. She dresses like a man because she wants to go to the war
  7. 13. He steals things from the people.He married Jasmine
  8. 14. He is very old he has a funny ears
  9. 15. He is in a circus , he can fly
  10. 19. He is a character of "frozen" it has an orange nose