1. 3. Vincent van Gogh remained unknown during his lifetime and was often forced to live in extreme p__________y.
  2. 4. Stephen has a p____n for basketball, and he has never missed an NBA game.
  3. 6. The meeting was a complete f____e. We wasted three hours arguing but still didn’t reach any conclusion.
  4. 9. Grandma’s picnic basket is w________n from thin strips of bamboo.
  5. 10. Though a late start in the race put the cyclist at a d___________e, she caught up with the leading group soon.
  6. 13. No one d_______es to walk alone in this area at night because of its high crime rate.
  7. 14. The clown e_________ned the kids by dancing and doing magic tricks in front of them.
  8. 16. In the end, Bailey a________ed her dream of competing in the Olympics.
  9. 18. Despite all the difficulties, Jessie never stopped p______ing her goal of becoming the world badminton champion.
  10. 20. Barry has rather e_______e views on gun control. He believes that even the police should be forbidden to carry weapons.
  11. 21. Jessica c__________tly gets the highest scores in her class because she studies the hardest.
  12. 22. Judy’s boss turned down her r_________t for a pay raise because she was often late for work.
  1. 1. A lack of English language skills may be one of the major o________s to finding a job.
  2. 2. During the war, people in this country faced a lot of h________ps.
  3. 3. The band and dancers performed as part of a special p_____e held down the city’s main street on New Year’s Eve.
  4. 5. The passionate photographer o______e many hardships throughout his career.
  5. 7. All of the team members have great f_____h in their captain’s ability to lead them to victory.
  6. 8. Not many people know that the band’s lead singer began his c_____r as a drummer.
  7. 11. Some people take a positive a________e toward graffiti and think that it is creative.
  8. 12. This short film c________ys the message that real beauty comes from being yourself.
  9. 15. J. K. Rowling is an i__________e writer who has written many interesting fantasy stories.
  10. 17. With her talent, Elsa should be able to easily f____l her dream of becoming a famous artist.
  11. 19. The coast guard r_______ed all the passengers from the sinking ship.