1. 2. disney introduced its first openly gay character in this animated movie
  2. 3. this wilderness explorer scout who is just trying to lend a hand
  3. 6. ¨Faith, trust and a little bit of..."
  4. 9. this disney turtle is totally tubular in finding nemo
  5. 14. this man composed the music for tarzan
  6. 15. 626
  7. 16. this movie is based on the Mexican holiday of dia de los
  8. 19. this disney princess attended elsas coronation (its an easter egg)
  9. 22. cinderellas stepsisters names
  10. 25. the amount of years genie was stuck in the lamp
  1. 1. the amount of brothers prince hans has in frozen
  2. 4. this character also goes by
  3. 5. in monsters inc there is nothing more toxic or deadly
  4. 7. the mother of these three rascals in the aristocats (marie, toulouse, and berlioz)
  5. 8. the first disney princess released in 1937
  6. 10. the name of andys next door neighbor in toy story
  7. 11. the WDP circus was home to this beloved disney animal
  8. 12. tarzans adoptive mothers name
  9. 13. the name of the stylist in the incredibles
  10. 17. the woman who brought maleficent to life
  11. 18. Mike and sullys frat in Monsters university
  12. 20. the name of wendy darlings dog in peter pan
  13. 21. this is how old meredith 'fake' blake is in the parent trap
  14. 23. Mowgli was raised by a pack of these
  15. 24. East high from HSM is located in what four corner state