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  1. 2. What was Mickey Mouse's original name? (Hint: think Addams Family)
  2. 4. What kind of animal was the first Disney character?
  3. 6. Around 2 million pounds of this food is sold each year at Disneyland.
  4. 7. What sport can Disney employees play at the top of the Matterhorn?
  5. 11. The vultures in the Jungle Book were based off of the members of this band, arguably the most famous and well-known band ever.
  6. 13. The Disney World Resort is as big as this California city.
  7. 15. This is the only Disney princess to have a British accent.
  8. 16. What was the name of the first Disney character?
  9. 17. How many blonde Disney princesses are considered to be true blondes?
  1. 1. This was the last movie approved by Walt Disney before his death. Meow.
  2. 3. He voiced the genie in Aladdin.
  3. 5. This animated film was originally titled Trash Planet.
  4. 8. This British girl band were considered for the roles as the muses in Hercules.
  5. 9. Who voiced Woody in Toy Story?
  6. 10. Gen Z is currently writing a musical on Tiktok based on this film.
  7. 12. What is Boo from monster's Inc real name?
  8. 14. According to Greek mythology, Hercules and this Disney princess are cousins.