Disney Movies

  1. 1. Toys coming to life
  2. 5. a movie invovling lions
  3. 6. a girl and a guy who is cursed to be a beast
  4. 9. a story told in the jungle of a little boy and his animal friends
  5. 10. beauty a girl who is cursed to fall alseep for eternity
  6. 11. a thief, a princess and a genie
  7. 15. a little lost fish his dad travels all over the ocean to find him
  1. 2. a girl who falls asleep from an apple
  2. 3. a cute blue creature from outerspace with a friend
  3. 4. a girl who is drawn to the sea
  4. 7. a girl who follows a rabbit down the rabbit hole into a mysterious
  5. 8. a girl who loses a glass slipper
  6. 9. a boy taken in by a gorilla for a mother
  7. 12. a girl who goes to fight a war
  8. 13. A missed judged flying elephant
  9. 14. a boy who flys in the night over neverland