Disney Movies

  1. 3. fish trys to find his son
  2. 6. lost princess escapes her tower to experience the world
  3. 7. girl has magical snow powers
  4. 11. A ladys fairy god mother helps her to go to the ball
  5. 12. bunny tries to figure out who is behind predetors actions
  6. 13. magical person takes three kids to neverland
  7. 14. Boy is protecting his house from robbers
  8. 16. Deers mother dies
  9. 18. Lion avenges fathers death
  10. 19. woman falls in love with a beast that is a prince
  1. 1. rich dog falls in love with a poor dog
  2. 2. gets help from seven dwarfs and deafets an evil queen
  3. 4. Native American lady falls in love with a white settler
  4. 5. boy that is built and his nose gets bigger everytime he lies
  5. 6. A band of heroes try to stop a destruction of a city
  6. 8. Girls mom turns into a bear
  7. 9. girl tries to put back the heart of tefiti
  8. 10. Mans house flys
  9. 15. Lady dresses as a man to protect her family
  10. 17. Gene helps man win over a princess