Disney Movies

  1. 4. A poor boy wants to impress an Arabian princess and so makes three wishes from a genie
  2. 6. A princess goes on a journey to find her sister who can't control her ice powers
  3. 8. Little orange fish gets lost and his dad goes on a journey to find him
  4. 10. A princess with seventy feet of long, magical hair wants to escape from her tower with a guide who is a criminal
  5. 11. A fairy gets betrayed by her friend. She curses her friend's daughter, Aurora, only to find she deeply regrets this curse
  6. 13. A princess visits the castle of a prince turned beast
  7. 15. Family of super heroes fight Syndrome
  8. 16. Daughter fights in war in place of her father
  9. 17. An American Indian woman falls in love with Englishman Captain John Smith
  10. 18. A princess that accidentally turns her mother into a bear has to try to reverse the curse
  11. 20. A woodworker wishes that his puppet can become a real boy
  1. 1. A princess falls into a deep, magical sleep, only to be awakened by her true love
  2. 2. Rat teaches awful chef how to properly cook
  3. 3. Mermaid wants to walk on land and be a part of the human world
  4. 5. A bunny and a fox attempt to solve the case of the animals going crazy
  5. 7. Three kids meet a magical boy and his fairy named Tinkerbell
  6. 9. Everyone has these five emotions, and they work together to help Riley pull her life back together
  7. 12. Two monsters try to get Boo back to her home after she enters the scare world
  8. 14. A princess from a fairy tale falls into the real world... and in love with a real man
  9. 19. Toys that come to life when their owners aren't around