Disney Movies

  1. 4. "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all"
  2. 6. a youngster grows up on his own after his mother is killed
  3. 8. colors of the wind
  4. 9. a feline family tries to make it back home after being kidnapped
  5. 12. only a kiss from the right prince can wake her
  6. 14. "hi ho,hi ho, off to work we go"
  7. 15. the city's power is generated by scaring children
  8. 16. after his son is captured, a timid clownfish goes on a journey to find him
  1. 1. taunted for having big ears
  2. 2. a group of archaeologists set out to seek a lost city, but end up having to defend it
  3. 3. greek hero
  4. 5. i want to be a real boy
  5. 7. a boy learns to become a man, by becoming a bear
  6. 9. a princess falls in love with someone she is not allowed to marry because of his status
  7. 10. a magician teaches a young boy who is destined to be king
  8. 11. radiator springs
  9. 13. hakuna matata