Disney Original Movies

  1. 4. girl music group that is named after a fast animal
  2. 6. twins seperated at birth but work magically together
  3. 9. an fbi agent and high school senior have a "bad" day
  4. 11. three friendships whose relationships go from good to bad
  5. 17. two teenagers get stuck in a 1950s rom com and can't escape
  6. 19. misfits form a band and name it after a vending machine drink
  7. 20. teen girl pushes her hair behind her ear
  8. 21. a guy needs to win a rap battle to win over his crush
  9. 22. olivia holt sucks up monsters
  10. 24. your favorite high school music star goes to follow her dream
  11. 26. basketball boy discovering his love for music and singing
  12. 27. dogs who run los angeles
  1. 1. a magic phone takes over a girls life
  2. 2. Demi Lovato ends up with a Jonas brother in a summer camp
  3. 3. the wicked teens turn to good
  4. 5. two girls build their perfect boy but it ends up backfiring
  5. 7. 8 year old tracks down a famous football player
  6. 8. the geek gets the girl
  7. 10. a young wizard conjures a spell that puts her family in jeopardy
  8. 12. dogs who rescue santa
  9. 13. a pair of siblings check out this spooky town during the fall season
  10. 14. a cheerleader falls in love with a rather weird boy who isn't human
  11. 15. golden retriver group who can play basketball
  12. 16. a girl lives two different lives
  13. 18. rich girl learns how to snowboard
  14. 23. a family goes on christmas vacation to their grandparents and end up being separated along the way
  15. 25. a famous boy falls in love with a nobody girl but she's not impressed