1. 6. My pet dalmation's name is Pongo.
  2. 8. The smiling, disappearing animal in Alice in Wonderland.
  3. 11. I use frying pans as weapons and a friend whose a thief.
  4. 12. I'm the boy who never grows up.
  5. 14. My friend is Cruella and my pet dalmation's name is Perdy.
  6. 15. I'm based on a famous detective and I helped a little mouse save her father from a sewer rat.
  7. 17. I'm the top monster scarer at my company.
  8. 18. I shoot bows and arrows and my enemy is Prince John.
  9. 19. He likes warm hugs.
  10. 20. I pulled the sword from the stone.
  1. 1. These are a symbol of my birthday from my parents who lost me when I was a baby.
  2. 2. I lose my shoe and my curfew is midnight.
  3. 3. Andy's favorite cowboy toy.
  4. 4. ____________, tuppence a bag.
  5. 5. She "let it go".
  6. 7. I awoke a princess from a great slumber after she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel.
  7. 9. I saved China from the Huns.
  8. 10. The animal who is "late for a very important date" in Alice in Wonderland
  9. 13. She likes sandwiches.
  10. 16. My father is an inventor and I befriend a beast.