1. 2. This “monster” is blue with purple dots
  2. 5. This Disney princess fought in an army to protect her fathers honor
  3. 6. This snowman loves summer
  4. 9. This Disney princess wore a glass slipper to a ball
  5. 12. This princess has one form by day and one form by night until she finds true love
  6. 16. This Disney character has a reindeer as his best friend and believes that they are better than people
  7. 18. The cold never bothered this Disney princess
  8. 19. This Disney character rides a magic carpet and has a monkey as his best friend
  9. 20. This Disney princess falls in love with a beast who holds her captive
  1. 1. This villain has wings on her back and horns on her head
  2. 3. This tow truck travels the world to watch his best friend race
  3. 4. This Disney princess travels the seas with a Demi god to return the heart of tefiti
  4. 7. This evil bear smells like strawberries
  5. 8. His nose grows when he lies
  6. 10. This Disney princess gives up being a mermaid for love
  7. 11. This crab is in charge of babysitting a mermaid
  8. 13. Simba’s father and Scar’s older brother
  9. 14. Only surviving baby clownfish after a shark attack
  10. 15. Cowgirl in the Toy Story movies
  11. 17. This Disney princess lives in a tower and has long magical hair