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Drama Crossword

  1. 5. the good guy/ hero of the story
  2. 6. the most interesting part of the story
  3. 8. a series of words which a character will say
  4. 9. Expression, helps the audience realize what mood you are in
  5. 11. a series of still poses which added up, portrays a story
  6. 13. a person who is participating in acting
  7. 16. the area a play or production takes place on
  8. 17. the problem of the story
  9. 18. Language,
  10. 19. a person who manages and plans a play/performance
  11. 20. the art of representing a character from a story
  12. 21. the art of telling a story with no sound or words
  1. 1. two things which pop out and are noticeable
  2. 2. if a change of events happens during a performance, you will adapt to those changes quickly
  3. 3. items or clothing which help enhance a performance
  4. 4. a person in a play/ performance
  5. 7. the story of a performance
  6. 10. Stage, the center of a stage
  7. 12. a certain height which helps enhance the performance
  8. 13. the viewers of a play or performance
  9. 14. the bad guy/ villain of the story
  10. 15. written planning of a play or performance