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DT Module 1.1

  1. 1. A type of drive also known as a USB stick or memory stick.
  2. 3. An input device used specifically for games.
  3. 10. Instructions that make a computer do something.
  4. 11. When the computer gives results showing what it has done.
  5. 14. Any data or program the computer works with must be loaded into this type of memory.
  6. 16. What the computer does with the instructions & data it is given.
  7. 17. A type of card used for storage in cameras or smartphones.
  8. 18. A way to transfer data without using wires.
  9. 19. Where data and instructions are kept permanently.
  10. 21. A computing device that can make and receive phone calls.
  11. 23. An input device that captures pictures or movies.
  12. 24. A full sized, non-portable computer.
  13. 27. An output device that provides immediate visual feedback.
  14. 28. An input device that moves a pointer on a screen (mainly used in laptops).
  15. 29. A portable computing device with a built in screen, keyboard and pointing device.
  16. 30. Slower storage that has moving parts.
  17. 31. 1000 Gigabytes
  18. 32. An output device that produces marks on paper.
  1. 2. An output device that broadcasts sound for all to hear.
  2. 4. A computing device that has a large touchscreen and is often used to view media.
  3. 5. An input device that allows you to enter text.
  4. 6. The first step of working with a computer.
  5. 7. An output device that produces sound that only you can hear.
  6. 8. When computers 'talk to' other computers.
  7. 9. The part of the computer that does all the work.
  8. 11. Software that controls how a computer works.
  9. 12. An input device that moves a pointer on a screen.
  10. 13. The parts of the computer you can see and touch.
  11. 15. A type of drive that reads (and writes) optical media such as CD or DVD.
  12. 20. An output device that shows a larger immage for an audience.
  13. 22. An input device that captures sound.
  14. 25. The fastest type of storage
  15. 26. An input device that converts printed pages or pictures into digital files.
  16. 33. Allows a network to connect to the internet.