1. 2. In this country, people celebrate Easter by decorating trees with colourful ribbons and eggs.
  2. 4. What is the name of the week leading up to Easter Sunday?
  3. 5. What is the term for the Sunday before Easter, commemorating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem?
  4. 8. What do children hunt for on Easter morning?
  5. 10. In this South American country, people celebrate Easter with "Semana Santa" processions and colourful displays.
  6. 11. What is the name of the Jewish holiday that often coincides with Easter?
  7. 12. What is the name of the Sunday following Easter Sunday?
  8. 13. What is the term for the period of rejoicing following Easter Sunday?
  9. 14. What is the term for the period of fasting and penance leading up to Easter?
  10. 15. In this European country, it's a tradition to light bonfires on Easter Sunday.
  11. 17. Who is believed to deliver eggs on Easter?
  1. 1. What is the term for the Thursday before Easter, commemorating the Last Supper?
  2. 3. What is the name of the plant often used to symbolize Easter, especially in European countries?
  3. 6. In this place, people celebrate Easter by flying kites on Good Friday.
  4. 7. What flower is often associated with Easter because of its white petals?
  5. 9. What event is celebrated on Easter Sunday in Christianity?
  6. 10. What symbolises new life and rebirth during Easter?
  7. 16. In Australia, the Easter Bilby is an alternative to the Easter Bunny due to concerns about this animal's impact on the environment.