Easter Bunny is Coming!

  1. 1. Container used to hold Easter eggs and other treats.
  2. 5. Decorated and colorful symbols of new life often associated with Easter.
  3. 7. Small, chewy candies often found in Easter baskets.
  4. 10. Colorful and sugar-coated marshmallow candies often associated with Easter.
  5. 11. Symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and an important symbol in Christianity.
  6. 12. Sweet treat often shaped like eggs or bunnies and given at Easter.
  7. 14. Traditional main course for Easter dinner in many Western cultures.
  8. 15. Popular flower often associated with spring and Easter.
  9. 17. The day on which Easter is celebrated in most Christian churches.
  10. 18. Activity in which children search for hidden Easter eggs.
  1. 1. Furry animal that brings Easter eggs and candy to children.
  2. 2. Often used to symbolize the joy of Easter and the announcement of Christ's resurrection.
  3. 3. Christian belief in the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead on Easter Sunday.
  4. 4. Jewish holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt and often coincides with Easter.
  5. 6. The empty tomb of Jesus Christ is an important symbol of Easter in the Christian faith.
  6. 8. Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  7. 9. Flower that often symbolizes new life and renewal at Easter.
  8. 13. Period of fasting and reflection in the Christian religion leading up to Easter.
  9. 16. Branches of this tree are often used to create crosses for Palm Sunday, which falls on the Sunday before Easter.
  10. 17. Season when Easter is typically celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere.