Easter Easter Easter!

  1. 5. Religious people believe Jesus rode into Jerusalem on this animal.
  2. 7. This sweet food is what most Easter eggs are made of.
  3. 9. A hat that children decorate at Easter time.
  4. 11. This is the first day of Lent.
  5. 12. This is the day when everyone gets lots of Easter eggs!
  6. 14. This little animal is born out of an egg!
  7. 17. This sweet bread is filled with raisins and is decorated with crosses.
  8. 18. This day is on 17th April this year.
  9. 19. Who do some religious people celebrate at Easter?
  1. 1. This day is on 14th April this year.
  2. 2. Children (and adults!)like to go on an Easter egg what?
  3. 3. You need this to carry all of your Easter eggs.
  4. 4. This is a 40-day period where people might give something up.
  5. 6. People eat lots of pancakes on this day!
  6. 8. This person delivers Easter eggs!
  7. 10. This is the main religion which celebrates Easter.
  8. 13. These are very small pink, yellow and purple Easter eggs.
  9. 15. This yummy chocolate egg has a tasty yolk inside it.
  10. 16. This is the religious place where lots of people go on Easter Sunday.