Easter Foods

  1. 2. Eaten on Good Friday by many to observe fasting.
  2. 3. Fruit pie that brings a taste of spring.
  3. 6. Greek Easter bread, flavored with red-dyed hard-boiled eggs.
  4. 8. Though more associated with Christmas, it can also be enjoyed at Easter.
  5. 9. Cheese used in many Italian Easter recipes.
  6. 10. Italian Easter cake shaped like a dove.
  7. 13. Italian wheat pie made with ricotta cheese and citrus.
  8. 14. Butter shaped like a lamb, found in Eastern European tradition.
  9. 16. A lighter main dish option for Easter.
  10. 17. Dessert that might remind you of the Easter bunny.
  11. 18. Marshmallow candies shaped like chicks and bunnies.
  12. 19. Eastern European Easter bread rich in eggs and butter.
  13. 21. Alternative for those preferring poultry over lamb or ham.
  14. 23. Often served mashed or roasted at Easter meals.
  15. 25. Small slices of grilled or toasted bread with toppings.
  16. 26. Halved eggs filled with a seasoned yolk mixture.
  17. 28. Refreshing dessert perfect for a springtime Easter meal.
  18. 30. A common alternative to lamb for the Easter meal.
  19. 31. Sweet, braided bread of Eastern European origin.
  20. 34. Symbol of new life, often hard-boiled and decorated.
  21. 36. A spring vegetable often enjoyed around Easter.
  22. 37. Polish cake made with layers of nuts, fruit, and meringue.
  23. 38. A dessert made from leftover bread, milk, and eggs.
  24. 40. Sweet dessert item, often used in pies.
  25. 41. A light fruit cake with marzipan, associated with Easter.
  26. 43. Traditional meat served at Easter dinner.
  27. 44. Popular treat, especially in the shape of eggs and bunnies.
  28. 45. Cream-filled chocolate eggs popular during Easter.
  29. 47. Caramel custard dessert that's popular in many cultures.
  30. 48. Meringue dessert named after the ballerina, often topped with fruit.
  31. 49. Spring vegetable often served at Easter meals.
  1. 1. Italian-style omelet filled with vegetables or meats.
  2. 4. Italian dish that might feature spring peas for Easter.
  3. 5. Egg-based pie often enjoyed during Easter brunch.
  4. 7. Dessert that symbolizes the start of spring.
  5. 9. Seasonal veggies roasted to perfection.
  6. 11. Green leafy vegetable used in side dishes or quiches.
  7. 12. Colorful candy popular in Easter baskets.
  8. 15. Italian almond biscuits, perfect with Easter morning coffee.
  9. 20. Sweet, spiced buns marked with a cross.
  10. 22. A sweet and savory choice for the Easter table.
  11. 24. Italian ice cream, a lighter dessert option for Easter.
  12. 27. Sometimes eaten at Easter in various cultures.
  13. 29. Coffee-flavored Italian dessert, a treat for the adults' table.
  14. 32. Italian bread that can be seasoned with herbs.
  15. 33. Rich dessert that can be topped with seasonal fruit.
  16. 35. Early vegetables that complement any Easter dinner.
  17. 39. Vibrant, spring salad perfect for Easter.
  18. 42. Often eaten during Lent leading up to Easter.
  19. 46. Mexican bread pudding eaten during Lent and Easter.