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  1. 3. a soft thick liquid used in cakes
  2. 4. a small metal spike driven into wood, used with a hammer
  3. 5. pushing into the air, to fling
  4. 7. a red sea animal with 10 legs
  5. 11. sweet food: includes lollipops, limerick
  6. 12. a person that educates students
  7. 13. to behave in some way, to do something
  8. 15. a large black bird that caws
  1. 1. opposite of front
  2. 2. a colorless liquid that is used for drinking, bathing, cooking etc.
  3. 4. information about current events happening in the world. Can be found in magazines, TV, radio, and other mass media.
  4. 6. a hard bone found on the heads of bulls, sheep and goats. Can sometimes be used as cups in some cultures
  5. 8. a large stream
  6. 9. sandy shore along a body of water with pebbles
  7. 10. something that is not told to everyone. Often whispered to people by ear
  8. 14. move forward on hands and knees, like toddlers