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easy crossword

  1. 5. what is a different word for tornado
  2. 7. you can find one of these in the news
  3. 8. what happens when air move quickly and turns and turns
  4. 9. what happens when air travels from high to low pressure
  5. 11. turns to gas
  6. 12. it is a type of precipitation
  7. 13. what is the reason that wind near the wind blow from west to east
  8. 14. what happens when the sun is hiding
  9. 16. gas, oil, wood and coil all create
  10. 18. what forms when partials like dust and rain
  1. 1. it comes in warm and cold
  2. 2. what do people in Australia call a hurricane
  3. 3. has hot does water half to be before
  4. 4. what is it called when stuff from a tornado gets picket of the ground
  5. 5. what is it called when clouds form near grown
  6. 6. what is it cold when the world gets to hot
  7. 10. haw cold does it half to be before water turns to ice Hurricane what the most deadly weather is
  8. 15. what cloud means lousy weather gray clouds and rain
  9. 17. when water turns into gas