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easy peasy

  1. 1. Do you remember the barns and corny field?
  2. 4. The highest most formally educated Legall of all-time
  3. 5. What you finally ran over with your car
  4. 7. Your favorite actor miss
  5. 9. My favorite part(s) about a grenade
  6. 12. The ultimate scrabble player
  7. 14. The soft spot in a baby's skull
  8. 15. "And this is eternal life: to _______ You, the only true and real God, and likewise to know Him, Jesus Christ, Whom You have sent"
  9. 17. The name of the first leaf that emerges from the embryo of seed plants
  10. 18. Garage _________ (verb)
  11. 19. Who did I take with me on my earliest bombmaking experiments?
  1. 2. "Ears that hear and eyes that _______--the LORD has made them both"
  2. 3. An online test designed so that humans but not computers are able to pass it
  3. 6. A woman who rides horses
  4. 8. The moon in your fingernails
  5. 9. Your all-time favorite food
  6. 10. Your all-time favorite color right now, oh my goodness
  7. 11. To mend, as torn clothing, with rows of stitches, sometimes by crossing and interweaving rows to span a gap or lacuna
  8. 12. The special name the LORD gave Solomon
  9. 13. _________ (verb) chair
  10. 15. "And Adam _______ Eve as his wife, and she became pregnant"
  11. 16. Felix's original name upon arrival at the Lemmen House
  12. 20. "The poor man and the oppressor have this in common: the LORD gives (not gave) _______ to the eyes of both"