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  1. 2. workers focus on specific tasks
  2. 7. assets like education, training, intelligence, skills, health
  3. 8. the government, rather than the free market, determines what goods should be produced
  4. 9. the forgone benefit that would have been derived by an option not chosen
  5. 10. means we have unlimited wants but limited resources
  6. 13. decisions and the pricing of goods and services are guided by the interactions of a country's individual citizens and businesses
  7. 15. what motivates you to behave in a certain way
  8. 16. focuses on the production of a limited scope of goods
  9. 19. he capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business
  10. 20. resources used to produce goods or services
  1. 1. additional cost associated with the additional unit of a good/service
  2. 3. traditions, customs, and beliefs help shape the goods and services
  3. 4. buying and selling of goods and services
  4. 5. additional satisfaction that comes from the additional good/service
  5. 6. the people who work for a business
  6. 11. giving up one option in favor of another
  7. 12. a system of production, resource allocation and distribution of goods and services within a society
  8. 14. intent to achieve monetary gain
  9. 17. tangible, man-made objects that a company buys or invests in
  10. 18. resources found in nature