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  1. 4. Money that has to be paid back.
  2. 6. When you can find a product easily.
  3. 10. I can't find a specific brand of apple juice, so I will go- .
  4. 11. A tax when you buy products.
  5. 12. To give up something by using resources one way.
  6. 14. When it is hard to find a product.
  7. 15. Work done by someone.
  8. 18. I'm an- at this store.
  9. 19. How much of something that exists.
  10. 20. Things that need to be used to make other things.
  11. 22. We need these- for the business.
  12. 23. How much money that you want to spend.
  13. 24. A person who starts a business and takes a risk when doing it.
  1. 1. To pay someone back for using their money and then the bank pays the interest in this.
  2. 2. Someone that wants to buy something.
  3. 3. Where more than one company has a rivalry
  4. 5. Something that someone does a good job at in a business.
  5. 7. When different people working in a business do different jobs.
  6. 8. A service where someone puts money in a bank and they can take money out of it when they need to.
  7. 9. A tax on your income from work.
  8. 13. I have to pay this- .
  9. 16. The study of the use of our money.
  10. 17. This business that is a- of electronics.
  11. 18. Someone who needs to hire people.
  12. 21. How many things that people want to buy.