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  1. 2. What is low inflation?
  2. 4. What is it called when congress changes aggregate demand?
  3. 7. Oil is an example of what in economics?
  4. 9. What type of economy follows culture and history?
  5. 14. Equipment is an example of what in economics?
  6. 15. How do banks make their money?
  7. 17. what is inflation?
  8. 18. What is someone's total amount of money?
  9. 20. What is the name of the place where people go to get a higher education after high school?
  10. 22. What shows the different amounts of products supplied?
  11. 23. What shows the demand for a product at all prices?
  12. 24. when you give one thing up for another
  1. 1. High inflation is when inflation rate is greater than what percent?
  2. 3. A shrinking economy is also called what?
  3. 5. What is the measurement for the total worth of all goods and services?
  4. 6. What is the willingness to buy a product?
  5. 7. What is it called when a bank gives someone money in hopes that they return it?
  6. 8. the idea of limited resources
  7. 10. What is it called when goods or services are coming into the country?
  8. 11. When you put money away and don’t spend it
  9. 12. What is aggregate demand?
  10. 13. What is the amount of products produced?
  11. 16. Productivity is a determinant of what?
  12. 19. What is the central bank of the U.S?
  13. 21. What is the power to control the money supply?