1. 4. With what do you call someone?
  2. 5. sworn in as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board in 2006
  3. 10. when you you are inflating something what have you done?
  4. 11. you can buy this with money
  5. 13. in what did hispanic women have trouble because of their ethnicity and gender?
  6. 14. it makes you more happy, some say no
  7. 15. when people don’t have money, what do they do?
  8. 19. what happens when you invest your money in stocks but haven’t thought it out and invested too much money and now your scared?
  9. 20. going back
  10. 21. he will make you like VR
  1. 1. what happened in zimbabwe?
  2. 2. he is good with money
  3. 3. how do you survive
  4. 6. what did you earn when working in a job?
  5. 7. which country is not kind to mexicans?
  6. 8. who was super smart when he was alive?
  7. 9. They take and give money
  8. 12. person who likes to look at money and what it does
  9. 16. when you are inflating something but it is not inflating what is it called?
  10. 17. in other words the climax
  11. 18. what is a slang for a Federal bureau agent?